14. August 2005

Zeit für Helden

"The idea that a celibate priesthood could be heroic is alien to our culture, but the Jedi knights were celibate."

"Anyone stepping forward to be a priest or nun has to be pretty courageous," says the Rev. Gerard Francik, the vocations director. It doesn't have the esteem it once did. ... Young people feel they are countercultural to do this. Before, if you said you were going to be a priest or sister, Catholics thought it was awesome, and they even admired it. Today, it's generally opposition young people face." ("Pop culture heroes help recruit priests" in der Washington Times)

Ein Image des Posters von Fr. Jonathan Meyer konnte ich auf die Schnelle im Web leider nicht auftreiben - vielleicht hat es jemand anders schon gesehen?

Update 15.8.05: Wer solche Freundinnen hat wie ich, spart sich das Suchen... Danke, Petra!

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