15. August 2005

In ihrem Ende unser Anfang

David Scott auf godspy über den Anlaß unseres heutigen Feierns:

"However we want to think about it, it’s clear that the Church has believed from the earliest times that Mary shared in her Son’s dramatic victory—what Paul and the prophet Isaiah before him called 'the swallowing up death.'

And this may be the greatest loss in all the disinformation and outcry over the original dogma.

In their rush to condemn Catholic idolatry, the critics of Pope Pius missed the divine truth revealed in the Assumption. In the glorious example of Mary, we see, in the Pope’s words, 'to what lofty goal our bodies and souls are destined.'

We may never know what exactly happened at the end of Mary’s life. But we know the one thing God wants us to know—that in her end is the promise of our beginning, the pledge of our resurrection."

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mr94 hat gesagt…

"Ostern geht weiter", sagte heute der Ruhestandspriester und ließ die Ministrantin die Osterkerze anzünden.