19. August 2005

Ökumenische, nichtdualistische Leibeslektüre

Reading the body - Robert W. Jenson, ein lutherischer Theologe, fasst auf zehn Seiten die zentralen Linien der "Theologie des Leibes" von Papst Johannes Paul II. zusammen.

David B. Hart stellt sie dann ihrem bioethischen Antipoden, einem neo-darwinistischen Transhumanismus, gegenüber. Hart ist orthodoxer Theologe...

"I would want to argue that it is precisely this 'irrelevance' that makes John Paul’s theology truly relevant (in another sense) to contemporary bioethics. I must say that what I, as an Eastern Orthodox Christian, find most exhilarating about the Theology of the Body is not simply that it is perfectly consonant with the Orthodox understanding of the origins and ends of human nature (as indeed it is), but that from beginning to end it is a text awash in the clear bright light of uncompromising conviction. There is about it something of that sublime indifference to the banal pieties and prejudices of modernity that characterizes Eastern Orthodoxy at its best. It simply restates the ancient Christian understanding of man, albeit in the somewhat phenomenological idiom for which John Paul had so marked a penchant, and invites the reader to enter into the world it describes. And at the heart of its anthropology is a complete rejection—or, one might almost say, ignorance—of any dualism between flesh and spirit."

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