3. August 2005

Blame it on the Church

Die Folgen eines schlechten Religionsunterrichts und mangelnder Katechese: Ehescheidungen, Gattenmorde, Häresie, Kirchenspaltung.

Beweis: Heinrich VIII.


Henry VIII, like many people in our own time, was simply ignorant of his own faith," said Thomas O'Malley, author of Don't Blame Me, Blame the Church. "After doing seven years of research, I learned a lot about the former monarch. One of the most shocking discoveries was that those who oversaw his religious education sort of blew it off most of the time. After I discovered this, I thought,'Good grief, how could he be expected to know beheading his wife was wrong?'" (...)

"True, he wasn't that nice to St. Thomas More, beheading him and all that," said O'Malley. "But in light of this new evidence, it really makes one pity Henry." (gefunden bei Maureen Martin* von catholicnews.org)
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Maureen hat gesagt…

Hey there,

Thanks for linking to my blog story about Henry VIII. My German is quite rusty, but it doesn't look like you said anything bad, so I thought I would tell you thanks. LOL

I used to live in Kaiserslautern. I loved Germany. It is such a beautiful country and the food is wonderful.

God bless, Maureen Martin

Scipio hat gesagt…


I was laughing out loud when reading that news story. The only thing disturbing me is that it could really happen...

Glad you liked the Palatine! I've never been there myself, but Germany has so many nice places - which we tend to overlook being just used to them.

In Christ,