2. Juli 2003

Noch perverser als gewöhnlich

Aus dem New Scientist:

"Aborted fetuses could become 'unborn mothers'

"Ovarian tissue from aborted human fetuses has been kept alive in the lab, with some cells showing early signs of maturing into fully functional eggs, Israeli scientists have revealed.

Although the possibility remains only theoretical at present, researchers believe it is worth pursuing because there is an acute shortage of donor eggs for women undergoing fertility treatment. If such an egg were used to create a successful pregnancy, the child would have a mother that had never been born.

However, the UK's fertility regulator, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, said the use of eggs produced in this way for fertility treatment would be illegal. 'It would be difficult for any child to come to terms with being created by aborted fetuses,' said HFEA chair Suzi Leather.

Anti-abortion groups attacked the research, calling it 'macabre'. Nuala Scarisbrick, of the UK group Life said: 'It is sickening and disgusting, even by the low standards of reproductive technology.'"

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