23. Juli 2003

Die Zukunft hat schon begonnen

Passend zum vorigen Posting der Hinweis auf einen Artikel in Touchstone, dem Journal of Mere Christianity (und einem Musterbeispiel praktizierter Ökumene!). Richard J. Mammana, Jr. rezensiert zwei Bücher über den Aufbruch junger Erwachsener (wie es so schön heißt) zu einem in seiner Fülle gelebten katholischen bzw. evangelikal-protestantischen Glauben.

"Here, as elsewhere in The New Faithful, there is a nuanced and cautious reading of the signs of the times. The signs do point to a decline in vitality for 'polyester-pantsuit-clad nuns spinning John Lennon records in high school religion classes' and 'agnostic confirmation instructors puffing on cigarettes while extolling existentialism to their teenage charges.' The new alternative to this tomfoolery is far more traditional, far more wholesome, and far more lively.

Yet if Carroll and Webber are right in their major theses—and let us hope they are—there will be laborers for the harvest when the 'suicide of liberal Christianity,' as historian Thomas Reeves called it, runs the last stages of its course. And when orthodox believers have weathered the current storms of social secularism, governmental restriction, and doctrinal disorder within church bodies, then new faces can begin afresh the work of restoring the unity of Christ’s own Bride."

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