31. Mai 2008

Trinken auf katholisch

Von einem der St. Blog's Parish-Blogs kommend - wenn ich bloß noch wüsste, welcher, dann würde ich mich bedanken - bin ich erst beim 2006er RatZINger Zinfandel der Trinitas-Kellerei aus dem kalifornischen Napa Valley gelandet:

und dann zu einem netten Text über die "Verlorene Kunst des katholischen Trinkens" weitergerutscht. Die Essenz des Artikels von Sean P. Dailey:

Here we encounter Catholic drinking. Catholic drinking is that third way, the way to engage in an ancient activity enjoyed by everyone from peasants to emperors to Jesus Himself. And again, it is not just about quantity. In fact, I think the chief element is conviviality. When friends get together for a drink, it may be to celebrate, or it may be to mourn. But it should always be to enjoy one another's company. (Yes, there is a time and place for a solitary beer, but that is the exception.) (...)

Avoid each extreme - that's how you drink like a Catholic. This is the art of Catholic drinking. There are plenty of our brethren who consider drinking somehow immoral, and there are plenty of others who think drinking must end with great intoxication. But the balanced approach - the Catholic approach - means having a good time, a good laugh, sometime a good cry, but always with joy and gratitude for God's generosity in giving us such wonders as beer and burgundy. Remember that, and the lost art of Catholic drinking may not remain lost.

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