24. Mai 2008

Die göttlichen Tugenden und ich

(from here )

Parallel dazu die widerwillig respektvollen Sätze, zu denen sich eine Autorin aus dem linksliberalen Open Democracy-Umfeld gezwungen sah:

"Bush's expressions of faith seem heartfelt. He begins each day by reading the Christian Bible and praying. During his administration, Bible study is an important part of White House life, according to one of Bush's former speechwriters who felt marginalised because he didn't attend. But it might be that Bush's true piety enables him to see religious affiliation as more than a political end. (...) Bush is a lame duck president with little to lose, but I began to think that he might be that rare elected figure whose relationship with religion does not fall prey to political expediency, and I shuddered with grudging respect."

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