24. Mai 2008

Zu Besuch bei Flannery

Schon im letzten Frühjahr war Lawrence Downes für die New York Times zu Besuch bei Flannery O'Connor in Milledgeville, Georgia.

Hier ist der Link zu seinem Artikel und hier geht es zu einem Multimedia-Rundgang durch ihr Heim und ihre Heimat.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

I'm finding your blog via LibraryThing (the St. Blog group). I am searching for someone to discuss, in English, Das Grimmingtor, which I've a great fondness for, having read it (The Door in the Grimming) a couple of times in English.
It's an incredible Catholic novel somewhat along the lines of Sigrid Undset's medieval novels (Kristin Lavransdatter & The Master of Hestviken). It was my pick for the book group I belong to, and then almost no one read it.

As we've also read several of Flannery O'Connor's collections, I'm choosing to reply to your post which mentions her.

I do not understand German, sorry!