29. Mai 2005

Rückenwind aus der Ökumene

Warum ein konservativer Papst für die Ökumene der einzig richtige ist, zeigt S. M. Hutchens in Touchstone - sozusagen als Kommentar zum Luther-Imitator Matthew Fox:

"The changes Catholic revisionists are proposing for their own church are not simply of the sort that offend conservative Catholics, but all Christians. At the base of the progressive mind as it is revealing itself in the Catholic Church is a will to make it not a different kind of Catholic Church, but no church at all. This is recognized by orthodox Christians outside the Roman communion, who have dealt with this mind, and emphatically rejected it, in their own. (...)

Within the context of a progressive papacy, traditional Roman Catholicism — Catholicism not only in the form that is obnoxious to Catholic revisionists, but disagreeable in some respects to its Protestant and Orthodox allies as well — is not only likely to survive, but to survive in strength. This is because, whatever its faults, much of Orthodoxy and conservative Protestantism view it as Christian while regarding the revisionist program, whatever attractions it may hold for non-Roman believers (relaxation of the pastoral discipline on the marriage of priests, for example), as emphatically not. Despite their disagreements, they will support traditionalist Roman Catholics against the parasites at their own table.

The war conducted by revisionist Catholics, they understand full well, is not simply against reactionary old men in the Vatican, but Baptists in Virginia, Anglicans in Nigeria, Pentecostals in Brazil, and against the heart of Orthodox doctrinal and moral teaching. It is not only against the beliefs of old-fashioned Catholics, but has been unmistakably revealed in the last generation, as revisionism marches steadily from the controversial to the abominable, to be against all Christians, everywhere, and at all times."

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Petra hat gesagt…

Für eine Ökumene mit selbstbewussten Protestanten - ja. Aber es gibt leider auch andere Beispiele... die "bitte, bitte, habt uns lieb - wir wissen zwar nicht mehr, an was wir eigentlich glauben, aber das ist ja auch wurscht"-Fraktion.