16. Juli 2008

15 Knöpfe und enormes Licht

Noch einmal Ingrid Betancourt.

Daß ihr Rosenkranz ein "Irrtum" war - wie wichtig ist das? Nun, es zeigt, wie wichtig eine möglichst gute Antwort ist - und im Zweifelsfall sind 15 immer noch mehr als die schlappen 10.

Even her rosary, she said, was "an error." She remembered her late father saying the rosary, but could not remember whether she was supposed to pray 10 times to the Virgin Mary.

"So I thought, maybe 15 times," she said, fingering the 15 buttons that make up her rosary, taken from a jacket the guerrillas had provided her. "So I did 15 buttons." (Int'l Herald Tribune)

15 Knöpfe, die ihr halfen, ihre Würde zu bewahren:

She always tried to keep her dignity, she said, finding solace and sanity in regular daily activities, some private, like meditation and prayer, and some collective - "to give yourself stability in a world with no stability." And she did find some nobility among the hostages and the degradation.

"That's the magic of all things," she said. "You can have the dark side of man but you can also plug yourself to light and be an enormous light to others. And I think that's what being spiritual means."

Magnalia Dei in Columbia.

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