8. März 2006

Miss Chesterbelloc Rowling

Über Harry Potters geistige Mutter wurde schon viel geschrieben und gemutmaßt; für manche Mitchristen ist sie ja durchaus eine persona non grata (und damit meine ich nicht B16).

Interessant ist da die folgende Information aus einem Posting von Chesterton and Friends:

J. K. Rowling "is a member of the Church of Scotland (the Scottish Anglican Church-- not the Presbyterian church). She refuses to reveal more of her Christian faith than that because, she says, it would give away too much of book 7 (to me that is very intriguing). Her favorite poem is "The Boy Who Ran Away From His Nurse and got Eaten by a Lion," by Hilaire Belloc. She also is a member of the English Chesterton Society. She is educated in both Latin and Greek and is well versed in the canon of classic Western literature. Besides Chesterton and Belloc, some of her favorite authors are Dickens and Jane Austen."
Möge jeder selber sehen, was er draus macht.

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