28. März 2006

It's the carnality

Eine lesenswerte Konversionsgeschichte, die Mary Karr da erzählt und auf die die Anchoress verlinkt.


There are a lot of different kinds of Catholics. What kind are you?

The really fun kind. The really cute kind. [Laughter] The really excellently dressed kind -- I don't know. My spiritual state shifts from day to day. I feel I'm either moving closer to God or further away from minute to minute.

But I do find the more I permit myself to be engaged with other people -- not as a writer or poet or whatever, but just having people around -- the better I feel. I have a lot of ex-students here, and my son's here.

Everybody comes over on Sunday. I make turkey meatballs, and we watch 'The Sopranos.' So that's the kind of Catholic I am. You know? I like everybody. I'm vain and pretentious and arrogant and terrified and full of longing for the numinous and for that joy. And yet I sometimes think I do everything I can to shove it away.

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