10. März 2005

Schöner Rock'n'Roll

Mark Gauvreau Judge: "What got me hooked on rock was beauty, not ugliness. (...) I was an angry young rebel back in those days, but the music I thought was a signifier of total freedom, indeed, anarchy, was a gateway to the orthodox truth that theologians had known about for thousands of years. As Weigel points out, 'Beauty is something that even the most skeptical of moderns can know…. People know that they know what’s beautiful. Thus beauty is one way we can introduce out doubting friends and colleagues to the mystery they often deny: the mystery that there is truth and we can know it.'" (Beautiful Green Day - Breakpoint)

Also auf der Heimfahrt heute abend noch x-mal "Rollin' the dice" von Hunter/Lauderdale hören. Besten Gewissens.

You're like a midnight doctor on a sick call
You're like a big flash flood upon the river
You're like a Salvador Dali on a brick wall
Where the others only talk you deliver

You got me rollin' the dice
You got me breaking 'em twice
Ridin' shotgun in a Caddy with the top down
You got me rollin' the dice
You got me breaking 'em twice
You got me ... on the rebound

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