20. April 2010

Successive eighth - is all yet intact?

It's that time of the year again. It's Mogo time.

And when you as a deeply open Christian parish want to prove that you are really open unto the last corner, then you offer of course a translation possibility on your web side.

What then comes out of that, can lead only bad willing persons to a "hämisches" laughter. All others stand full of worship and look forward to the next motorcycle worship. Again with Roland and with the band Intakt.

We see us on the 2nd May. With the motorcycles. Of course.

2 Kommentare:

Elsa hat gesagt…

Il messaggio profondamente umano, come il motto del nostro culto del motociclo

? Il culto del motociclo?


Was da auf der Hebräischen Seite bei rauskommt - ich weiß nicht, will ich es wissen?

dilettantus in interrete hat gesagt…

Na ja ungefähr das:

Wir laden Euch ein, Motoradgottesdienste!