6. Juli 2004

Da spielt die Musik!

"A new Christianity is conquering the developing world. But Europe doesn't know it yet."
Und weiter:

"But what is more disturbing is the character of this Christianity that is spreading across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The common opinion is that this is a faded or backward copy of European Christianity, or worse, the vulgar and obscurantist version of the rational and tolerant faith of the advanced countries. But these dismissive judgments prevent one from gathering the real connotations of the new Christianity that is coming forth.

The dominant traits of this new Christianity are Pentecostal and Evangelical: a deep personal faith, a demanding and puritanical morality, doctrinal orthodoxy, community ties, a strong spirit of mission, prophecy, healings, and visions."

Nachzulesen bei Sandro Magister und www.chiesa.

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