28. Mai 2010

Chesterton feiern

Der große GKC wird morgen 136.

Die Liga Bärtiger Katholiken legt ihren Lesern (und Mitgliedern) dringend ans Herz, diesen Tag zünftig und passend zu begehen. Elf Vorschläge gibt es bereits:

1) Declare your house and surrounding property a sovereign nation. Work on a suitable name and make a flag. Muster an army. Get the kids involved.

2) Carve yourself a walking stick. Take it for a walk.

3) Have a picnic supper on the roof. Some wine, cheese and good bread, at least. Rum and a wheel of cheese would be a great idea, if you have the taste for it.

4) Procure a sword-cane. Slash the air with it. [Unless you are in Germany where it is legally forbidden as I just learned; scipio ;-)]

5) Write someone a letter by hand, on actual paper. Mail it.

6) Write an article about sports, and another about religion. Send the sports article to a religious magazine. Send the religion article to a sports magazine.

7) Sleep late and read one of Chesterton's essays before getting out of bed.

8) Buy or borrow a book by one of the Four Patrons of The League. Start reading it. Extra points for reading in a bus or train station.

9) Visit a farmer's market, a used bookstore, or otherwise give some local business your patronage.

10) Arrange to meet your wife in a pub, and then pretend you are strangers just bumping into one another for the first time. Make a passionate scene. Cause a scandal.

11) Go to Adoration. Ask GKC to pray for your intentions. Pray for the cause of his beatification.

Da sollte für jeden etwas dabei sein...

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Aufforderung zur Straftat? ;)

In der BRD ist schon der bloße Besitz eines »sword-cane«, eines Stockdegens verboten.