28. April 2005


"Why are there so many Catholic jokes? I have a couple of theories. Catholicism, even post-Vatican II, is otherworldly, sublime — and juxtaposing the sublime and the ridiculous is the essence of a certain kind of humor. The late Johnny Carson joked about a Catholic church in Beverly Hills that was so trendy there was a salad bar next to the communion rail.

Moreover, Catholicism with its vestments and candles is rich with resources for a prop comic. Father Guido Sarducci with his broad-brimmed Vatican cleric's hat wouldn't have been nearly as funny if he had been dressed like Billy Graham.

Writer Hilaire Belloc once wrote: 'Wherever the Catholic sun doth shine / There's always laughter and good red wine.'

Or a stein of Bavarian beer." (The Pope and a Rabbi Walk Into a Bar - LA Times)

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