3. Dezember 2008

Kein Posten für den Geschichtenerzähler

Mit einem Kabinettsposten in der Obama-Administration wird es nun doch nichts für den Kandidaten Jeschua Ha-Maschiach. Nicht weil der eine Messias keinen zweiten neben sich dulden würde, sondern weil die Überprüfung des Kandidaten einen zwiespältigen Befund ergab. Und das Restrisiko bei einer Ernennung - konkret ging es um das Department of Health and Human Services - zu hoch war:

Executive Summary:

Frankly, Mr. President-elect, I cannot in good conscience recommend this guy for cabinet post or any other high-level position. (I know we were talking HHS.) On the plus side, he's friendly, a natural storyteller (think Reagan) and the anti-business episode in the Temple would be a big hit these days. On the minus side, he has a history of stirring up trouble with both religious and governmental authorities (and we haven't even interviewed the Romans yet). Lousy taste in friends. No experience in financial matters. And, I hate to say this, but he's not the sharpest dresser (beard, too) so would feel out of place in DC, not to mention the White House.

My recommendation: No for Cabinet. No for any government agency. No for ambassador. But likeable. Smart. Funny. Great storyteller. (Remind me to tell you the Samaritan story) Find him another job somewhere. We still doing faith-based initiatives?

Das ganze Gutachten bei belief.net: Jesus Meets Obama's Transition Team . (via Ironic Catholic)

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