15. Oktober 2004

Maximal minimal

Wenn der Minimal-Architekt John Pawson im 21. Jahrhundert und in einer postkommunistischen Gegend ein neues Zisterzienserkloster baut, sieht das z.B. so aus:

Mehr Infos: Kloster Novy Dvur, BauNetz für Architekten und bei Godspy.

"Pawson has translated them into Novy Dvur, the first monastery to be built in the Czech Republic for more than half a century. 'In those places where the monks stay for a long time on their knees, make sure that the floor is not in stone,' the abbot's brief asked. If there were any stained glass windows, 'there should be no colour, according to our tradition'. In the library, the brief asked for 'doors that don't slam, and a floor that mustn't creak'.

In the dormitory, there should be 'a cubicle for each monk, closed by a curtain, with a special snorers' section 'for about a quarter of the total'. They take the form of white cubes."

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