26. September 2008

Erschrecktes Erwachen und mühsame Wiederentdeckung

Open Democracy mit dem Untertitel "free thinking for the world" ist wirklich kein kirchennahes e-Magazin. Umso bemerkenswerter ist der Artikel über die Lage im Jahr 1 post Summorum Pontificum und ihre Vorgeschichte:

John Casey: Rediscovering Traditionalism.


"The ultras have a point. A pious Catholic who had fallen asleep in 1960 and woken up forty years later would be puzzled indeed at a modern mass (unless he had been allowed to slumber all those years in Brompton Oratory or a few other traditionalist redoubts.) He would find the modern Church culturally and psychologically so altered that he might be tempted to see it as a new religion masquerading under the old name. He might, like my Polish acquaintance, decide not to bother any more."

"As T.S.Eliot put it, tradition cannot be blindly inherited, but has to be re-discovered in every age, an enterprise that requires great labour. No one who reads Ratzinger can deny that he brings a very lively intelligence into his attempt to rediscover tradition. It is his critics of the ageing Vatican II generation who begin to look intellectually lazy."

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