30. August 2008

Palin, der Tag danach

(via somehavehats)

In Ergänzung zum Miss Vice-America-Posting:

John Allen liefert die religionssoziologische Analyse zu McCains Running Mate nach: Sarah Palin ist post-denominational, also keiner Konfession oder Denomination zuzuordnen, aber paradoxerweise gerade für bewusst katholische Katholiken wählbar, während die nominal-postdenominationellen Katholiken auf dem Biden-Ticket reiten:

Palin’s nomination, therefore, does not simply mark a breakthrough for women, or for western states. She also puts a face on the fastest-growing and most dynamic segment of global Christianity these days – even if it’s proving difficult for journalists and political handicappers to get their minds around.

Finally, there’s a bit of political irony for Catholics. Given Palin’s strong pro-life credentials, it’s likely she will appeal to the most strongly “denominational” Catholics, those most devoted to traditional Catholic identity and teaching. Meanwhile, what one might call “post-denominational Catholics,” meaning those for whom religious branding carries less theological significance, may embrace Palin’s Democratic rival, Delaware Senator Joseph Biden, the lone Roman Catholic on either ticket, because of his progressive stands on social and political matters.

In other words, the denominationalists on the Catholic side will back the post-denominationalist, while the Catholic post-denominationalists will probably pick the candidate who bears the Catholic denominational label.

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