16. August 2008

Lambeth in Zahlen

Lambeth 2008 ist vor gut zwei Wochen zu Ende gegangen. Erst heute entdecke ich diese Bilanz aus der Times:

500 pairs of holy socks bought by bishops during the conference
120 litres of Communion wine drunk during 25 hours of worship
3,610 pints of lager consumed
10 years between conferences
1,320 minutes spent in 16 “indaba” groups
50 copies of In the Eye of the Storm signed by Gene Robinson, the gay Bishop of New Hampshire, sold
2 copies of The Truce of God: Peacemaking in Troubled Times by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, sold

Für alles andere gilt wohl: Es ist diesmal nicht sicher, ob Nach Lambeth Vor Lambeth ist.

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