15. März 2005

Unsere liebe Frau vom Küchenfenster

"'One night I saw my mom staring in the window and she just kept staring and she finally said, ‘Bree, look into the window and tell me what you see,’ and I said ‘Oh my God, it's the Virgin Mary," said Brianna Torres.

The Torres family says the Virgin Mary is there, and even if you are not a believer, they will show it to you. (...)

Velma and her daughter Briana believe it’s a sign that she is there to watch over Dominik Torres, who suffers from cerebral palsy and the aftermath of a stroke.

What moved them even more, spiritually, was a picture Dominik took that they had a photographer digitally enhance.

"The image is the face of Jesus Christ. You can see his thorns, his eyes and his mouth. A lot of the times when a figure of Jesus shows up, Mary will show up to the left of him, and she there right to the left of him," said Velma Torres. (KZTV10 News Headlines from Corpus Christi, TX)

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