26. November 2004

Das Wesen des Christentums

Das muß ganz klar die vielbeschworene Cafeteria-Religion sein:

"'We didn't want a churchy feeling,' said Bonanno.

Starbucks, church leaders say, is a natural addition to the environment.

'People drinking coffee, relating to one another, loving each other,' Jerry Cook, a pastor visiting last Sunday from a Foursquare Gospel church in Seattle, where Starbucks is also sold. 'That's the essence of Christianity.'

Grace Capital Church has grown quickly. It started in a living room eight years ago, later relocated to a school, and last July moved into a new building overlooking the Suncook River. The beige-walled sanctuary holds 600 and is regularly near capacity. About half its congregants are former Catholics, according to church officials.

'Growing up Catholic, the whole thing about church was about not being allowed to do much of anything -- having to stand, kneel,' said Jon Berger, 34, a corporate driver, as he entered the sanctuary with a tall Starbucks in hand. 'Here you can have a cup of coffee and be relaxed.'

Still, Berger and others noted that the allure of the church runs deeper than Starbucks.

'Christians like coffee,' said Rick Bagley, 39, a general contractor. ''But what draws us here is Jesus Christ.'"(Boston.com)

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