25. Februar 2010


Wenn eine Predigt mit dem Satz beginnt: "Matthias is unremarkable", dann finde wenigstens ich das bemerkenswert.

Aber wo Lutheraner - diesmal Reverend Paul T. McCain aus der "Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod" - recht haben, haben sie recht. Definitiv.

"Not all of the men whom God chooses to preach, administer sacraments, and shepherd the church are remarkable. Most are pretty ordinary. Don’t be disappointed if your pastor is not the most dynamic or charismatic leader. Don’t be disappointed if he doesn’t have the business sense to manage a small corporation. Hold him to the qualifications set forth by Scripture. For the call of Matthias, what was important was that he have been a companion of Jesus and the Twelve from beginning to end, and that he be a witness of the resurrected Lord Jesus. For pastors today, their qualifications and duties are set forth in sufficient detail in Paul’s letters to Timothy and Titus. For that matter, we should learn from this to measure anyone in any God-given office by God’s standards in Scripture, not by whatever our emotions, eyes, or reason would require. Hold all church workers to the standards set forth in Scripture."


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