8. April 2008

Nur echt mit der blinden Eule

Weil der aktuelle Mercedes SL-Werbespot ein mittelprächtiges Cover bringt: "On the Road Again" ist nur echt mit Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson; dann klingt es so wie hier bei YouTube:

Schon allein weil Alan Wilson dem Delta Blues-Sänger Son House nach 28 Jahren Musikabstinenz wieder das Gitarrespielen beibrachte, müsste er in der Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame landen:

"Alan Wilson was instrumental in the rediscovery of Son House in 1964, giving him lessons on 'How to play slide guitar like Son House' after a 28-year musical absence. Years of alcoholism had dulled House’s memory, so at the request of John Hammond Sr., 22-year old Alan sat next to his friend in the studio during the recording of the 1965 Columbia sessions. They spoke candidly, conferring with one another on which song to play, adding his harmonica and second guitar when needed to center the Delta Blues’ Grandfather. House seemed to relax and become more comfortable and centered when speaking to Wilson. Their stunning interplay on 'Empire State Express' and 'Levee Camp Moan' shows the depth of understanding and friendship between the two legendary musicians." (Blindowl.net)

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