3. April 2006

Randbemerkungen zur Netikette

Geronimo schlug vor, die folgenden Sätze an einer hervorgehobenen Stelle auf dem Schreibtisch oder am Bildschirm anzubringen.

Nachdem sie von mir stammen, kommen sie bis zum nächsten Posting ganz oben in diesen meinen eigenen Blog:

"It is kind of funny that people feel invited and even forced to push their own opinions - as well-founded as they may be - onto others whom in previous times they would not even have known. The web has brought us closer to each other but has also drawn down rules of politeness and respect. (And I am not only speaking about others.)

Too many saviours on the web if you ask me. Bloggers - when they blog - wait for people who come along, nobody is forced to read and to agree with us.

I am your brother, but not your saviour.

My silence does not mean I agree with what you write. It also does not mean I do not agree.

There is no need to comment; there is no license to offend or even judge. We better leave that to another ONE.

Why should I bother you as both of us are bothered enough with ourselves and our real lives."

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